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Book an eye test to check the health of your eyes and the quality of your vision. Our eye examinations are easy to book. Simply complete our online contact form or call us now to arrange an appointment.

Offering Prescription Sunglasses near Luton

Based in Bedford, we provide sunglasses and prescription sunglasses to customers from across Milton Keynes, Luton and the local area. If you wear glasses and want to be able to enjoy the sun whilst still enjoying perfect vision, we can help, so why not visit us today to see what we have in stock?

If you are looking for prescription sunglasses in the Milton Keynes & Luton area visit Simon Donne. We have a wide variety of styles and brands.



Find New Sunglasses near Milton Keynes

In addition to spectacles and contact lenses, Simon Donne Opticians can also supply stylish sunglasses to help you to look smart and enjoy clear vision in the sunshine. As with our glasses, we provide shades from some of the top eyewear brands, and our product range includes sunglasses in a variety of styles and shapes to suit every taste. Whether you are looking for a pair of shades you can wear every day, or a statement pair for special occasions, standing out in the sun can be easy thanks to our stylish sunglasses.

If you wear glasses, you’ll know how awkward it can be when the sun comes out and you are struggling to see, but by investing in a pair of prescription sunglasses, you can stay in the shade and avoid the sun’s glare whilst still enjoying perfect vision. Simply select the sunglasses you like, and we can add prescription lenses to keep you seeing clearly in the sun.

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